New CNG Compressor & Boston Transit Hero Gets Tribute


Our First CNG Compressor Replaced






Of all the milestones we’ve reached here at Blue Water Area Transit, one of those that has impacted us the most is the day we started using CNG. The compressor we installed in 1996 produced the alternative fuel for our nine CNG buses.

Little could we have guessed back then,  that today we would rank as Michigan’s largest producer of compressed natural gas and run the State’s largest fleet of alternative fuel buses.

We have just replaced that first compressor with one that is more economical and efficient. The new compressor is part of a large system that now produces CNG for our fleet (75 out of 79 of our buses use CNG), as well as our public refueling stations.

I’ve just had the opportunity to talk with WPHM’s Paul Miller about our CNG compressor. If you weren’t near a radio at 8:10 a.m. on Monday, you can still  listen to my segment on Paul Miller’s show by going to our new “On the Air” section (above). Also, you can read through our news release on the subject in our “News Media” section (also above).

35% of Nation’s Buses

Make Earth-Friendly Fuel Choices

It looks like we’re not alone with our increasing commitment to alternative fuels. It is good to see that 35% of the nation’s buses are using either alternative fuels or hybrid technology.

Specifically, 18.6 percent use compressed or liquefied natural gas and blends, almost 9 percent (8.8%) were hybrids, and nearly 8 percent (7.9%) used biodiesel.

These figures are as of January 2011 and from the American Public Transportation Association.

Twitter Tribute Springs Up

For Boston’s Transit Hero

In Boston, a Twitter Tribute quickly sprung up for Richard Donohue, the transit police officer who was shot while protecting the city and public transit riders during a recent shootout with the Marathon bombing suspects. Go to our TRIBUTE section (above) to see it.



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