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Who Knew Transit Could Be This Exciting?

One little girl’s excitement over her first train ride is captured on a YouTube video that’s been making the rounds on news programs lately. With 2.5 million views, the video has gone viral. See for yourself at  Madelines First Train Ride Relieving Traffic Congestion Traffic congestion wastes time and fuel and is just plain annoying. […]

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National Day of Courage… Plus Ridership & Economy…. and Save With Bus Passes

National Day of Courage A seat on a city bus played an unforgettable role in American History almost six decades ago in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks was a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress and inspired a social movement when she refused to give up her seat to a white man while […]

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Commuter Routes, Extended Hours… Plus Added Tax Relief for Commuters

Most people don’t know that they can ride the bus from Port Huron all the way to Macomb County for only 75 cents. They can also continue further without additional cost by connecting with up to two SMART buses. This resource was established in 2008 to connect commuters with potential employment opportunities, but anyone can […]

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Welcome New Blog

When I first heard of Twitter, I thought it would be a short-lived fad. Celebrities said it was cathartic. I thought: Who wants all this catharsis in public? It looks like, however, Twitter is here to stay. In fact, in today’s world it can be a powerful tool for communicating via social media. During the […]

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