BWAT Has New Bluegrass Jingle

whistlephotonewBlue Water Area Transit has a new bluegrass jingle that promotes the Sail In Café & Convenience Store in the agency’s downtown bus transfer center. The new tune is BWAT’s second original jingle by Whistle Stop Revue

     Sail In is owned and operated by St. Clair County Community Mental Health. The agency provides mental health services to individuals in St. Clair County. SCCCMH uses the operation as a training center for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or mental illness for the food service and retail service industries.

     It’s time to spread the word about this great downtown resource. Sail In opened in July 2016, one year after BWAT introduced its first jingle by Whistle Stop Revue.

     The progressive bluegrass Americana band is known for its unique and eclectic style that fuses elements of bluegrass, blues, rock, country and jazz. Formed in 2012 and based in Port Huron, the band includes Rick Doviak, Drake Lolley and Jesse Manns. “We’ve added some blues chords to our regular bluegrass sound to give the jingle a little western swing flavor,” said Doviak.

     We decided to use these talented local musicians to promote our services because their sound is very memorable and entertaining. I’ve been a fan of western swing music since the first time I heard Bob Wills.



Virginia Transit Welcomes Apprentices

grtcThe Greater Richmond Transit Center launched a pilot apprenticeship program this month. The program hopes to develop certified journey-level mechanics.

     “GRTC is committed to promoting the personal and professional growth of our employees and investing in our community. This pilot Apprenticeship Program will welcome new talent to our workforce and cultivate skills for the future,” said David Green, GRTC ceo.

     GRTC plans to retain and hire apprentices who successfully complete the three-year, 6,000-hour on-the-job paid training program.

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Girls Learn About Transportation Careers

dotThe U.S. Department of Transportation offered a pilot program this month in Colorado. The program introduced a group of six girls to jobs available in the transportation and construction industries. During the week-long program, the girls visited Denver’s biggest transportation networks. There they engaged with women employees, asked questions and toured work sites.

     The program is DOT’s first Career Days Discovery event. The department aims to introduce girls and young women to jobs they may not normally consider, said Keller Hayes, DOT’s small business services representative in Denver.

     There is room for more women in both industries. Women make up 8 percent of construction employees and 25 percent of  transportation employees (according to recent U.S. Department of Labor statistics).




Oregon Launches Regional Hop Fastpass

hopEarlier this week, TriMet and other Portland-area transit agencies officially launched a new regional payment system called Hop Fastpass. Riders will be able to use this one electronic-fare card system throughout the Portland-Vancouver region.

     The new system allows riders to use contactless payment devices such as a Hop card or contactless bank card to pay their fare. Riders will soon be able to also use their smartphone with a mobile wallet connected to a bank card to pay for their trips.



‘Til Later,

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