Commuter Routes, Extended Hours… Plus Added Tax Relief for Commuters

Most people don’t know that they can ride the bus from Port Huron all the way to Macomb County for only 75 cents. They can also continue further without additional cost by connecting with up to two SMART buses.

This resource was established in 2008 to connect commuters with potential employment opportunities, but anyone can ride. There’s a local route along M-29 with stops in St. Clair, Marine City, Algonac, Clay Township, Pearl Beach, Ira Township, and New Baltimore. An express route travels along I-94. For schedules, visit our website (

Hunting for and keeping a job can’t be easy within today’s economy. Especially if you don’t have transportation available when you need it most. Which is why we have made it a priority to seek out grants to help us provide resources for area commuters.

Transit Commuters Win More Tax Benefits

Congress passed legislation last month giving transit commuters a tax benefit that is equal to the commuter parking tax benefit for those who drive to work. The “fiscal cliff” legislation also raises both commuter tax benefits to up to $240 per month, retroactive to January 1, 2012.

Downtown Transfer Hub

Last week, the Times Herald reported a “speed bump” in our downtown transfer center project. Our federal granting agency has asked us to contact local Native American tribes to make sure they don’t have any issues with the project’s building site (the south McMorran parking lot). We did not receive any response after sending out notices in October 2011, and we don’t expect any responses now. We will be reporting back to the Federal Transit Administration later this month.

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