New Tool Identifies Top 12 U.S. Transit Cities

STATUELIBTwo nonprofit research institutes issued a list of the twelve best performing transit systems in the United States. They used AllTransit to rank the performance of transit systems by looking at factors like affordability, access to jobs and frequency of stops.

     The Center for Neighborhood Technology and TransitCenter ranked the performance of transit systems in 7,236 cities with at least 250,000 residents. The top twelve cities, in order of performance, are:

  1. New York City, 2. San Francisco, 3. Boston, 4. Washington, DC, 5. Jersey City, New Jersey, 6. Chicago, 7. Philadelphia, 8. Newark, New Jersey, 9. Long Beach, California, 10. Seattle, 11. Miami, and 12, St. Louis.

     CNT is a laboratory for innovations in urban sustainability. It delivers research, tools and solutions to create sustainable and equitable communities. TransitCenter is a foundation committed to improving urban mobility. The two groups developed the AllTransit tool to provide data that could help encourage policymakers to improve public transportation.



FTA Funds Infrastructure Grants

WHITEHOUSEEarlier this week, the U,S, government announced its response to resolving transit infrastructure needs.

     The Federal Transit Administration invited transit systems throughout the country to compete for $226.5 million in infrastructure grants. Congress authorized the funds as part of the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program.

     Transit agencies have until August 25 to apply for financial help, FTA estimates that it would take $90 billion to repair or replace about 10,000 buses currently in poor or marginal condition.

     Congress passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act to authorize FTA’s competitive grant program through FY2020.

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Going Gender Neutral

GENDERTransport for London has stopped greeting their riding public with the words “Ladies and Gentlemen.” Instead, their announcers now say “Good Morning Everyone.”

     TfL made the change after LGBTQ activists urged London mayor Sadiq      Khan to adopt a more inclusive greeting.

     Mark Evers, head of customer strategy for the transport agency, said he hopes the new language will make everyone “feel welcome on our transport network.”

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