Omaha Gets Moving

midtownMidtown on the Move officials challenged people living in five Midtown Omaha neighborhoods to try new ways to travel. The group hopes residents will try traveling by bus, bike, on foot or by sharing a ride — any means other than driving alone in a car.

     During last week’s Launch Party, officials invited neighborhood residents to pledge that they will switch at least one trip each week through June 30. Those that do will become eligible to win prizes donated by local stores, restaurants and entertainment companies.

     Organizers hope that at least 1,000 of the 12,000 people who live in those Midtown neighborhoods will participate,

     Midtown on the Move is funded in part by the Douglas County Health Department, which contributed $47,000 from a federal chronic disease prevention grant through the State of Nebraska.

     “People don’t always have the time or money to build physical activity into their day by going to the gym, “ said Andy Wessel, a community health planner for the county. “But maybe they can work in more activity by walking, biking or taking the bus.”

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Boston Rep Donates $53K to Rail Line

capuanoSome might say it’s a nice gesture. Others may say “I already bought my monthly pass for May.”

     No matter how you view this act of generosity, the fact still remains that Boston commuters are riding the Fairmount Line free of charge for two weeks this month (May 8-21).

     ”We hope people take advantage of the fare-free service and learn the benefits of quick and easy train travel,” said Brian Shortsleeve, acting general manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

     Representative Michael Capuano donated $53,000 in campaign funds to subsidize free trips on the commuter rail line. “It is unusual, but I’m always looking for ways to help my constituents,” he said. “I can’t think of a better way to use my money.”

     In that vein, the Boston Foundation issued a report last month titled “Increasing Ridership on the Fairmount Line.” The foundation recommended finding sponsors to help increase ridership among the 115,000 residents who have some of the longest daily commutes in the Boston area.



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