Summertime & Tourists

S-U-M-M-E-R-T-I-M-E… and the Riding is E-A-S-Y More Summertime Tourists Expected To Ride City Transit This Year ! Among the growing number of Americans who will vacation in a city this summer, more than half will use public transportation. Millenials (ages 18-24) will lead the way in order to avoid searching for parking (73%), spending money […]

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Mobile Mural & Real Estate Findings

Mobile Mural Will Go ‘Round the Town for a Year In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, local artist Mary Carter Taub created “Mobile Mural” out of brightly colored vinyl wrapped around an in-service bus. Taub’s collage is part of a year-long celebration of public art sponsored by the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, which is working to […]

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Auggie Bus and Dispatch Project…

          Auggie Bus of the Future: Electric with Wireless Charge Wireless power transfer is coming to public transit with the introduction of the first-of-a-kind electric bus. It’s a product of the engineering and scientific team at Utah State University’s Research Foundation. In a World Future Society blog post earlier this year, Ken […]

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New CNG Compressor & Boston Transit Hero Gets Tribute

Our First CNG Compressor Replaced           Of all the milestones we’ve reached here at Blue Water Area Transit, one of those that has impacted us the most is the day we started using CNG. The compressor we installed in 1996 produced the alternative fuel for our nine CNG buses. Little could […]

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Pope Francis and Other Commuters

Pope Francis Rides the Bus Newly elected Pope Francis surprised Vatican observers when he turned down his first opportunity to ride in the official papal car. Leaving the Sistine Chapel last week, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, rode in a bus with the cardinals who had just elected him. As we […]

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