Pope Francis and Other Commuters

Pope Francis Rides the Bus Newly elected Pope Francis surprised Vatican observers when he turned down his first opportunity to ride in the official papal car. Leaving the Sistine Chapel last week, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, rode in a bus with the cardinals who had just elected him. As we […]

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Jobs, Traveling, and The Best Cities

Obama: Transit Creates Good American Jobs Following last month’s State of the Union address, President Obama has been fleshing out plans to invest in public transportation and repair the nation’s aging infrastructure. “This not only makes our roads, bridges, and ports safer and allows our businesses and workers to be as competitive as they need […]

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CNG News From Here to India… Plus An American Icon Celebrates 100 Years!

Great News for Local CNG Vehicles! We are in the process of opening three new public fueling stations for compressed natural gas. After the project is completed this Summer, we will have a total of four stations open to the public. Our first station is located at our Port Huron headquarters on 2021 Lapeer Avenue […]

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Who Knew Transit Could Be This Exciting?

One little girl’s excitement over her first train ride is captured on a YouTube video that’s been making the rounds on news programs lately. With 2.5 million views, the video has gone viral. See for yourself at  Madelines First Train Ride Relieving Traffic Congestion Traffic congestion wastes time and fuel and is just plain annoying. […]

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National Day of Courage… Plus Ridership & Economy…. and Save With Bus Passes

National Day of Courage A seat on a city bus played an unforgettable role in American History almost six decades ago in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks was a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress and inspired a social movement when she refused to give up her seat to a white man while […]

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